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Amid such demands being made, Raje has held a series of

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While the ostensible reason for such events, as cited by the community leaders, was to show their gratitude for the welfare schemes announced during the state budget, sources say it was an apparent show of strength by the beleaguered chief minister who wanted to send a signal to her detractors both in Rajasthan and Delhi.After BJP suffered a rout in the bypolls to two Lok Sabha and one assembly seats, talks of reshuffle in state organization and cabinet had gained ground. Rajasthan goes to polls later this year.Amid such demands being made, Raje has held a series of meetings with state ministers and other BJP leaders close to her since the bypoll defeat. Sources said she has been firmly opposed to any change in state BJP leadership as she shares cordial relations with the current Rajasthan BJP president Ashok Parnami.

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